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French Apache

Here is Russell Bruner and Paulina Munoz with their take on a fight dance called Apache, or La Danse Apache, Bowery Waltz, Apache Turn, Apache Dance and Tough Dance. It’s basically a highly dramatic dance associated with Parisian street culture at the beginning of the 20th century to reenact a violent “discussion” between a pimp and a prostitute.

Russell Bruner Burlesque

Russell Bruner is Vaudevillian sex appeal in seersucker and straw boaters! A mischievous, mustachioed devil of a man, Russell is a celebrated physical comedian, variety artist, swing dancer, emcee and boylesque peeler.

As a performer and choreographer, Russell has recently won 3 titles at the world renowned Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend held in Las Vegas: “King of Burlesque 2012″, Best Group & Best Duo 2013

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Mustache Merch

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Shirt Sizes

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2012 – King of Burlesque

Getting to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament of Tease was no easy task. I remember doubting that I would be accepted into the competition at all. I had even booked some other shows the weekend of BHOF because I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get accepted. Plus I like to keep myself busy. Anyone familiar with this line of work knows that the only way to keep your head above water is to make sure your calendar is booked out at least a month or two ahead so you can rest easy knowing you have enough work lined up to stay afloat. So since I hadn’t heard back from Burlesque Hall of Fame and the competition was only a month away, I assumed that I wouldn’t be there.

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