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Shanghai Woolies

The Shanghai Woolies play “hot music,” 1920’s and 30’s jazz and pop of Chicago and New York City. The eight-piece ensemble, founded by Pink Martini trumpeter Gavin Bondy, swims in the romantic sounds of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, the orchestral soundscapes of Paul Whiteman, and the big band swing of Benny Goodman.  They approach it all in a very respectful, yet unorthodox manner, using whatever tools they can to recall its colorful liberation. Continue reading

Swing Papillon

Swing PapillonSwing Papillon carries the tradition of Gypsy Jazz in the spirit of Django Reinhardt and puts fuel in the fire of the classic hot club tunes of the 30′s and 40′s.

Each and every tune Swing Papillon takes the listener on a ride of unique impovization, fiery solos, and familiar quotations, leaving audience members impressed and amazed every time.


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Stolen Sweets

The Stolen Sweets The Stolen Sweets play the 3-part harmony arrangements of the 1930s girl group, The Boswell Sisters. Vocalists Jen Bernard, Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland sing tight 3-part arrangements alongside seasoned guitar players/vocalists Pete Krebs and David Langenes and double bass player Keith Brush.  The result is a unique brand of upbeat and contagious vintage jazz. Continue reading

Pete Petersen Septet

Pete Petersen SeptetImagine this: it’s 1930′s Kansas City. You’ve got a front row seat at the hippest joint in town. Young Bill Basie’s on the keys, Jo Jones is hittin’ the drums, Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins are tradin’ fours over a burnin’ rendition of Cherokee changes. The joint is jumpin’ so hard even the squares are poppin their fingers. Suddenly, in walks Ben Webster, followed closely behind by Buck Clayton. Continue reading

Midnight Serenaders

The Midnight Serenaders perform an infectious blend of old-time jazz and early swing, offering up a sweet collection of songs and tunes from the early 20th century. Fronted by guitar slinger/crooner Doug Sammons and ukulele-plinking chanteuse Dee Settlemier, this Portland, Oregon-based sextet energizes audiences, and transports them on a melodic, swing-crazy journey to the dance-happy era known as “the Jazz Age,” where a catchy melody was queen and rhythm ruled the land.

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6 Foot Swing

Regardless of where they play, whether it’s a swanky night club like the Peacock Room at the Davenport Hotel or a vintage dance floor like the second floor theatre at CenterStage, 6’ Swing entices even the most timid toe tapper to rise up and cut the rug. Founded in Spring of 2007, they’ve become one of the most sought after small ensemble jazz bands in Spokane, playing shows or parties nearly every weekend. Continue reading

Pete Krebs Trio

pk_trio-banner.jpgThe Pete Krebs Trio, is a string ensemble whose music evokes the early days of jazz, both American and European. Equal parts Nat King Cole Trio and Django Reinhardt, the PK3 draws from many musical traditions in creating the group’s sound. From the wet cobblestones of Paris to the heat of Buenos Aires and the smoky brilliance of New York’s jazz skyline, the Trio evokes an ambiance equally rooted in the past and the present.

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